• Operate an autonomous system using a public RIR allocated ASN.
  • Be good natured and friendly.
  • Be willing to tolerate the service levels commiserate with a best-effort IX.
  • Have a profile on which includes which building your in, a NOC email address, your prefix limits for IPv4 and IPv6, and your IRR as-set.
  • Be able to light a 1000BASE-LX or 10Gbase-LR single mode cross connect into the IX. Hurricane Electric will cover the cost of the cross connect, so you only need to cover the cost of your optic. (Donations of spare LX/LR optics to help light the IXP end of cross connects are appreciated)

How to Get Started

Email [email protected] with an introduction, your ASN, and how you heard about us!

How I heard about FCIX:
Cabinet Number:
Desired port speed: [1G-LX|10G-LR]