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The members of FCIX include:

Member ASN IPv4 (/24) IPv6 (/64)
PhirePhly Design 7034 2607:7C80:55:128::2
Mojo Networks 7247 2607:7C80:55:128::3
m2os LLC 13925 2607:7C80:55:128::4
SRDF Labs 64260 2607:7C80:55:128::5
Heaven Express, LLC 396480 2607:7C80:55:128::6
Bungi Communications 6596 2607:7C80:55:128::7
HalNet 29962 2607:7C80:55:128::8
Hurricane Electric 6939 2607:7C80:55:128::9
Little Moe, LLC 43126 2607:7C80:55:128::10
Invalid Network 53758 2607:7C80:55:128::11
Gushi Systems 393507 2607:7C80:55:128::12
Two P 6140 2607:7C80:55:128::13
10VPN Hosting 396503 2607:7C80:55:128::14
Route Server 1 4244741280 2607:7C80:55:128::253
Route Server 2 4244741280 2607:7C80:55:128::254