Are you really a cabal?

No. We started calling ourselves a cabal in jest, and the name stuck. We also call ourselves the Oligarchs of Aisle Six, but that’s obviously not true either.

Are you trying to compete with other Internet Exchanges in the Bay Area?

No. If you’re looking to join a local IX with a valuable mix of members, we strongly encourage you to join SFMIX. We’re just a group of network engineers saving some money on Ethernet cables.

Can I join FCIX?

Sure. See the connect page.

What’s the MRC for joining FCIX?

$0/mo for 1x1Gbps, double that for anything faster.

Don’t worry; we take our level of service at these prices very seriously, and will always make sure to refund port fees for any outages suffered on the FCIX.

Why are you using a private ASN for an IX?

Because the FCIX was founded to save some amateurs some money, so paying for an ASN kind of goes against that objective. Do you have a spare ASN you’re not using?

Why are you using AMPRnet IPv4 space?

Because we all have amateur radio licenses, and we had this /24 left over from a previous project. Do you have a spare /24 you’re not using?